Croutons for the people!

Location: Stenlille, Denmark


In an epic turn of events, I find myself HelpX-ing in a small town in Denmark, helping to organise the National Danish Freestyle Unicycling Tournament. Yes, indeed. The first few days were spent making huge quantities of potato and leek soup, hummus, pickles, bread, jam and garlic croutons to feed 200 hungry unicyclists (because staying on top of a unicycle takes energy!). I had access to a large amount of stale bread, salt, garlic, oil and the best garlic crusher I’ve ever used.


I’m now the proud owner of a similar model bought from IKEA in Delft, the Netherlands.

Verdict: Of course I am a little biased here, since I made the croutons myself. However, THEY WERE GOOD! Perfectly crisped in the oven, with the right balance of garlic, salt and oil. Unfortunately the potato and leek soup managed to burn on the second day of reheating, which lead to an over-supply of garlic croutons at the end of the tournament. Happy me.

GB Score: 9/10

Stenlille, Denmark


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