An oily affair in Auckland

Location: Auckland, New Zealand


During one of my weekly lunch dates with my Mum at 4&20 Bakery in Remuera, my nose twitched at a delicious smell. After some enquiring I was told that they were currently roasting industrial quantities of garlic bulbs for their roasted garlic bread (which wasn’t on the menu). Of course, I had to have some. The tantalising foil package was stored in the freezer until the occasion called for garlic bread (though to be fair, whenever does an occasion ever not?)

Verdict: After all the suspense and unrealistically high expectations, this GB was a little disappointing. The bread was deliciously spongy, however the overall buttery oiliness outweighed the roasted garlic flavour. The butter was literally dripping from the pieces of bread. Heart Attack Alley. Still, it wasn’t the worst I’ve had, and made for a pleasant eating experience.

GB Score: 7/10 


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