A Swedish Mistake

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish flag

After a long, hard day of sight-seeing (ha) in the beautiful city of Stockholm, we just wanted to grab a quick, cheap meal on the way home. I was, of course, hit with a garlic bread craving and there just happened to be a Pizza Hut close by. Although it was a dine-in restaurant (so retro!), we decided to get take-away so we could go back and do some planning for our up-coming few days in St. Petersburg.

Stockholm streets Stockholm sunset

Verdict: Upon opening the suspiciously small, flat box, I almost cried in disappointment. There were two measly slices of baguette lying in the box on an oily piece of corrugated card; nothing like the loaf of buttery, garlicky goodness that you’d get in New Zealand. So we had one piece each of cold, sad bread.

GB Score: 2/10

However, Stockholm made up for this disappointing saga by having the world’s most delicious meatballs. Sweden, I forgive you.

Swedish meatballs


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