Salivating in Spitalfields

Location: London, United Kingdom

UK flag

Sometimes meeting up with friends in London is somewhat harder than expected, especially during a heatwave and with zero sense of direction. However after meeting a friend outside Marks & Spencer’s on the top floor of Liverpool Station (to be precise), we headed for the air conditioned Spitalfields Market. This latest garlic bread experience occurred in Giraffe, a chain restaurant that seems to serve a confusing mix of Mexican and Asian food. On the menu: Toasted Garlic Foccacia.

Verdict: Hmmm… I’ve had better. Despite the conveniently shaped fingers of foccacia bread and its innovative presentation in a mug, the overall effect was a little underwhelming. The garlic butter was a startling neon green colour and I was disappointed with the last piece which was only half buttered (shock horror!). A satisfying snack on a hot day, but not one I would choose to repeat.

GB Score: 6/10

An Update on the Book of Mormon Saga:

After failing the lottery four times, we figured that the amount of dosh we were spending on getting to and from the theatre was steadily reaching the price of a ticket anyway. As a surprise on my last day of funemployment, we finally got to see the show! It was grin-inducing and spectacularly funny. Behold my illegal picture of the stage below.

Prince of Wales Theatre Book of Mormon Stage


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