The Rye Fry, Estonia

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia flag

Travels to a different part of the world always comes with the exciting prospect of new garlic bread eating adventures. My long awaited weekend trip to Tallinn, Estonia did not disappoint on that front. One evening, we ventured into Telliskivi, Tallinn’s self-proclaimed hipsterville, with an abundance of ping-pong tables, colourful graffiti and general cool. It was at F-Hoone that I had my first Estonian garlic bread experience.

Tallinn Tallinn

Verdict: Hmmm…. not what I expected! The menu described the dish as “baked bread with garlic, cheese and aioli mayonnaise” and being in borderline Scandinavia, I shouldn’t have been surprised that it was rye bread. The bread was chewy and oily, with a slight garlicky twang, cheese and garlic mayo. But mainly chewy. Overall, I was a little disappointed. I find rye bread a little too dense for my liking in the garlic bread context, and there wasn’t enough garlic.

But then again, there’s never enough garlic…

GB Score: 6/10


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