An Iceberg-Sized Disappointment

Location: Hofn, Iceland

Iceland flag

Iceland really is a beautiful country. The landscape is jaw-droppingly spectacular and amazingly varied – the two images below were taken mere metres from each other. Sadly, not everything in Iceland was as perfect as the scenery, as I discovered one day in Hofn (in the South-East of Iceland).

 Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

We were making our way anti-clockwise around the bottom right-hand side of the island, driving from Hali to Egilsstadir. The crisp, blue-sky days had been replaced by cold, grey and rainy ones, which seemed to match the increasingly rugged and wild landscape. Stopping for lunch in Hofn, we had braced ourselves to fork out for some of the local specialty – lobster! Kaffi Hornid was our chosen destination – a cosy, log chalet-type building which hosted a stuffed mink just inside the doorway.

In contrast to the spectacular garlic pizza consumed in Vik, this specimen wasn’t quite so charming. In fact, it was far from it… This garlic bread committed the ultimate crime – not enough garlic! It was more like grilled cheese on bread. So bland and meh. The brownie with burnt white chocolate dessert slightly made up for this disappointing garlic bread experience, but the net effect was still in the red.

GB Score: 2/10


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