On the Fifth Day of Garlic Bread

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Tonight, I found myself having to justify to the pizza man why I’d just walked into his shop and chosen to ‘only order garlic bread’. I explained to him that I have a garlic bread blog and that I’m on a mission to find the best garlic bread in town, and that garlic bread is my favourite food. (But really, the reasons go so much deeper than that.)

Little did he know that today is the fifth day in a row that I’ve eaten garlic bread. This is something I feel I should justify…

On the First Day of Garlic Bread:


Reason for Eating: Last weekend, I had some friends over for a Sunday roast and all the trimmings, including home-made garlic bread. I used a fresh baguette from a French bakery in Newington Green and the end product was crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. Just how I like it. This weekend we happened to find ourselves with the left-overs in the freezer. Since we are moving house next weekend, it had to be eaten. No other way around it.

GB Score: 10/10. Can’t fault my own, really. 😛

On the Second Day of Garlic Bread:


Reason for Eating: I readily agreed to pay a repeat visit to Winter Wonderland (the huge pop-up Christmas Carnival in Hyde Park) with a friend. Not only so she could experience the wondrous festivities too, but so that I could once again eat the delicious garlic bread being sold there. The first time I visited, it was a real Hallelujah moment when I saw the warm the “Hot Garlic Bread” sign hanging from a food hut emanating a warm, inviting light. This time I didn’t even have to share…

GB Score: 10/10. Salty, pure and simple. Probably the best I’ve bought in a long time.

On the Third Day of Garlic Bread:

Reason for Eating: There were a few pieces of garlic bread left from day one’s batch (believe it or not). Couldn’t let it go to waste!

On the Fourth Day of Garlic Bread:

Screen shot 2015-12-15 at 8.23.06 PM

Reason for Eating: I had dinner at the legendary Franco Manca with some friends. “Cheese or no cheese?” asked the waitress. “No cheese” I responded immediately. My friends admired my decisiveness.

GB Score: 5/10. It was more of a pizza than garlic bread and the tomato base was a not-so-nice-surprise. Delicious dough though!

On the Fifth Day of Garlic Bread:


Reason for Eating: Now this is when it gets less justifiable. There’s a tiny wee pizza shop that I pass on my walk home from work every day called Joe & Za. Every time I go by, I think of trying their garlic bread. Since I’m moving house this weekend, this is the last week that I’ll be walking this route home. There might never, ever be another chance. Convinced?

So I told the guy at the counter that the reason I was ‘only ordering garlic bread’ was a long story. I told him that I would be reviewing his garlic bread on my blog in the hopes that they would make it extra nice for me. He didn’t look at all nervous.

GB Score: 3/10. Where’s the garlic?! And why so much cheese? Though the rosemary inside the dough is a nice touch.

On the Sixth Day of Garlic Bread:

My true love sent to meeee, a salad and a pack of mints.

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