A Highland Fling

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland


A journey North to Edinburgh in February brought much awaited snowfall and the pleasure of exploring some of the nooks and crannies of this beautiful city. A hidden cocktail bar disguised as a barbershop that you enter through a bookcase, cute boutique gift shops and a rocky hike up Arthur’s Seat were some of the highlights.

The garlic bread quality is a slightly different story. Going from a sample of two, garlic bread doesn’t seem to be a local specialty (unlike haggis is!). On our first night in Edinburgh we had a delicious meal in Greyfriars Bobby Bar, right next to the loyal dog and his owner’s graves. The garlic bread was plain and average – not enough garlic or salt, but it was well buttered and herbed (see main image above). Round two the night after at No. 1 High Street was a notch even further down. Too crispy and also massively lacking in garlic. How hard is it to put enough garlic in garlic bread?! Rant.

All in all if you’re a foodie, go to Edinburgh for its haggis not its garlic bread.

GB Score: 5/10 (Greyfriars Bobby Bar) and 3/10 (No. 1 High Street)


One thought on “A Highland Fling

  1. Well you know. Miss GBC, there is a long-established Italian population in Edinburgh (and elsewhere in Scotland). Might you just have chosen the wrong restos??? Nice to see you’re posting again, though.


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