Bristol Bridges the Gap

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

UK flag

I took a day trip from London to Bristol to visit a cousin who I hadn’t seen for almost 6 years. She’s from Malaysia and I’m from New Zealand, but we both happen to be living in the UK at the moment. A great excuse to reconnect with family and visit a new city in the UK! We spent the day walking (20,000 steps to be exact), talking and eating – all highly productive activities.

My cousin had been to the Italian restaurant San Carlo for her birthday, so it already came highly recommended. We arrived without a reservation, only to be told that they were fully booked (it was Mother’s Day – go figure) but we could have a table if we left by 2pm. Done deal!

The menu included ‘garlic pizza with tomato’ which is probably the worst idea ever. Tomato is top of my list of most disliked food. Tomato ruins everything. So I ordered the ‘garlic pizza with tomato’ without tomato and boy, was it delicious. The dough was soft but chewy at the crusts and thin and crispy in the middle. Liberally garlicky, not too much oil and just really tasty overall, this was a very good experience and all for just £4! I believe San Carlo have three locations in London, so I think think I know the destination of my next garlic bread pilgrimage!

GB Score: 9/10


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