It’s Purely Academic

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

UK flag

Cambridge welcomed us on Easter Friday with clear, blue skies and a mild 15ºC. Since the weather was so perfect, we took a punt on punting. Queue 45 minutes reclining on a boat, learning about this academic city from our guide/punter. It was a delight to see the variation of bridges, grandiose colleges and spring flowers passing us by. Over the course of the day, we saw at least one academic, overheard two intellectual conversations and saw a guy go overboard due to some over-zealous punting.

A few hours after the most delicious cinnamon scrolls at Fitzbillies had worn off, it was time for some more food. The Eagle pub holds special historic significance, as it was where Francis Crick and James Watson interrupted patrons’ lunchtime in 1953 to announce they’d just “discovered the secret of life” i.e. the structure of DNA. I was a little skeptical to eat at such a hyped-up haunt, but the food actually turned out to be really decent!

All half-decent pubs include garlic bread on the menu. It came swiftly, presented in a little bowl on a bed of salad greens. I’m glad the garlic bread was made to feel comfortable, but that was the only use I could think of for those cushy, fibrous leaves. The garlic bread was pretty good! It featured a good amount of garlic and butter, with the ciabatta bread crispy but also spongy in the middle – just the way I like it. It just needed a tad more salt!

Good effort, Cambridge.

GB Score: 7/10


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