To GB, or not to GB?

Location: Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom

UK flag

To GB, or not to GB? That is never the question. Especially when you’re in Stratford-upon-Avon; the home and birthplace of William Shakespeare.

I took a trip to this idyllic little town with some visitors from home (New Zealand). We spent our time there wandering the grassy banks, seeing a splendidly entertaining production of Don Quixote put on by the Royal Shakespeare Company and visiting the Shakespeare-related sights including his birthplace and the church in which he’s buried.

Our chosen lunch spot was a cosy-looking restaurant called The Vintner. We were supposed to restrict ourselves to having a “light meal” since we were due to have an early pre-show dinner in just two hours’ time. But that didn’t really happen… Three courses later, I was well and truly stuffed.

So, the garlic bread. It posed the usual problems: not enough garlic, not enough salt and the bread lacked substance. It wasn’t a terrible effort, but we all know how high my standards are. I can’t really remember anything good about the experience, apart from the fact that average garlic bread is still worth writing about.

GB Score: 5/10



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