Carbs in Cardiff

Location: Cardiff, Wales


My first foray onto Welsh soils, and what a lovely one it was! The main purpose of my trip was to act as a professional spectator to the Cardiff Half Marathon i.e. this was a true ‘runcation’ as we like to call them.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by Cardiff. The reactions of my British colleagues were not overly enthusiastic when I mentioned that I was traveling there. Replies of “My commiserations” and “It’ll be raining” were a typical response. Although it was raining when we arrived, Sunday was gloriously sunny. Prime castle viewing, half marathon running and spectator weather.

The garlic bread also flowed in generous quantities. I was obliged to accompany James on his carb pre-load at Zizzi in town. I was excited to find they featured many varieties of garlic bread on their menu and since we were unable to choose, we had both the garlic bites (with pumpkin puree and extra garlic butter – of course) and the garlic pizza (without cheese). Both were fairly lacklustre… the garlic bites were a bit dense though the extra garlic butter made them more digestible. The garlic pizza had its moments, though overall it was rather bland.


On Sunday evening, we had an early dinner at The Prince of Wales pub before hopping on our train back to London. Everything was shockingly cheap which was enjoyable, and maybe that’s why the garlic bread left a more favourable impression.

GB Scores:
– Zizzi garlic bites: 5/10
– Zizzi garlic pizza: 6/10
– The Prince of Wales garlic bread: 7/10


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