New York, Super Size Me

Location: New York, United States of America


I hate to be cliched, but New York really is the city of dreams.. Whether or not they’re garlic bread-related dreams is another question… My sister had seemed unwilling to fly all the way from New Zealand to visit me in London, so we made a “compromise” and met in the middle. Fine with me!

Cue 8 shows in 8 days and an undisclosed number of cookies. Highlights included seeing Hamilton for the second time, running up Sixth Avenue in a 5 km race and meeting Chester the resident dog at The Drama Bookshop.

We had dinner at Carmine’s, a large Italian restaurant in Times Square. Carmine’s serves bowls of pasta so huge that we ended up sharing one bowl between the four of us. And it was delicious!

The serving of garlic bread was also decidedly “family-sized” and we ordered a mixture of with and without cheese. I’m normally a garlic bread purest (i.e. no cheese please) so this was controversial. The first few bites were really delicious – thick, buttery bread with lots of seasoning. However when it cooled, the bread became quite tough and chewy to eat and I think I may have slightly grazed the inside of my mouth from the bread’s crustiness. Either that, or I’m just being melodramatic. Regardless, it was a small price to pay for what was a pretty decent garlic bread experience.

Would visit New York again.

GB Score: 7/10



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