A puddle of disappointment in The Lake District

Location: The Lake District, England

UK flag

I have long been wanting to visit the Lake District, not just for its stunning scenery but to also taste its garlic bread wares. Let’s just say that the region certainly delivered on the scenery front… We spent hours refamiliarising ourselves with nature, scrambling up rocky slopes and battling with the elements to be rewarded with picturesque views of the lakes.

Our base for the long weekend was the cute wee village of Cartmel, which lies just South of Windermere. As luck would have it, we discovered that this particular village is the birthplace of sticky toffee pudding (probably my boyfriend’s favourite food and no, he doesn’t have a blog). I gotta say, the sticky toffee pudding game was strong.


But onto more important topics: garlic bread. Overall, a disappointing effort from this Northern region of England. Here’s a brief summary:

  1. The Mayfield Bar – Manchester Piccadilly station, en-route to The Lake District:
    Quite possibly the worst garlic bread I have ever eaten in my life. They used crushed garlic from a jar which I can smell from a mile away and frankly, should be a criminal offence. To make matters worse, the waitress asked “do you want cheese on your garlic bread?” to which I of course replied “no”. “Oh, because they’ve already made it with cheese on it.” We were in a hurry so I couldn’t afford to reach diva status. Cheese or no cheese, still a dire 3/10.


  • The Kings Arms, Cartmel:
    Described on the menu as ‘garlic and herb focaccia bread with hummus’. In reality, it was more just ‘herb focaccia bread with hummus’. A woman sitting with her husband a few tables away openly laughed at me while I was taking the below image. I don’t think she realised that I could hear every word she was saying… She had a good, loud chuckle and I’m glad I could brighten her day. The bread itself wasn’t bad, but honestly, this didn’t really count as garlic bread. Garlic bread score: N/A.



  • The Pooley Bridge Inn, Lake Ullswater:
    As you can see from the image below, the portion was rather measly. But at least the garlic was real and the bread was warm. By this point, I think my expectations had been drastically lowered. At least I got the biggest piece. Garlic bread score: 6.5/10.



To sum things up, I wouldn’t recommend travelling to The Lake District for its garlic bread. I’d go for sticky toffee pudding and scenic walks. A more guaranteed good time.



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